Gustav Weil - Tausend und eine Nacht

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'Tausend und eine Nacht' better known in English as the 'The Arabian Nights' are folk tales from the Middle East which were collected over several centuries and were first published in an Arabian version in 1775.

These four books contain the German edition translated from Gustav Weil from the original arabic source text published in the year 1914 in Berlin. 
The stories are illustrated with 80 black and white and 20 coloured images by Fernand Schultz-Wettel. 

Warning: Some of drawings show nude persons or violent themes. These books are the (original) adults version of 'The Arabian Nights'.

The books in half-linen are clean and bright and in very good condition. A slight crease on the backboard of Vol. 3 at the upper corner. The spines are decorated in gilt and make a very decorative and presentable impression.