Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Vol.14, No. 72, Nov. 1949

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Nik's Bookstore item-no.: 1-A181
First EQMM Edition. The American Mercury Inc., New York November 1949. Condition: Very Good.

One of the earlier editions of the famous Mystery Magazine whiich set the standard for the modern crime and mystery short story. Cover photo by Bill Stone.


Edgar A. Poe - ' The Black Cat'

Roy Vickers - 'The Million-to-One Chance'

Wilbur Daniel Steele - 'Dust to Dust'

Jacques Futrelle - '?'

Barry Perowne - 'Forget-Me-Knot'

Hugh Walpole - 'The Etching'

Melville Davisson Post - 'The Forgotten Witness'

Richard Sherman - 'He Will Never Know'

Oliver La Farge - 'Hounted Ground'

I. J. Jay - 'The Gewgaw Murder'

Maurice LeBlanc - 'The Twelve Little Pickaninnies#