Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Vol.17, No. 88, March 1951

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First EQMM Edition. The American Mercury Inc., New York March 1951.  Conditon: Very Good.

One of the earlier editions of the famous Mystery Magazine whiich set the standard for the modern crime and mystery short story. Cover photo by Howell Comard.


Charlotte Armstrong - 'All The Way Home'

Henry E. Giles - 'The Sheriff went to Cincinnati'

Sinclair Lewis - 'The Post-Mortem Murder'

Roy Vickers - 'The Man with the Sneer'

Margery Sharp - 'Mr. Partridge and the Enemy'

Achmed Abdullah - 'The Honorable Gentleman'

MacKinlay Kanzar - 'Painless'

Cornell Woolrich - 'Through a Dead Man's Eye'

Lord Dunsany - 'Two Bottles of Relish'

Peter Godfrey - 'A Dagger of the Mind'

Edmund Crispin  - 'Nine Minus Nine Equals One'

Charles A. Shea - 'The Miracle'