Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Vol.9, No. 43, June 1947

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Nik's Bookstore item-no.: 1-A176
First EQMM Edition. The American Mercury Inc., New York June 1947. Condition: Very Good.

One of the earlier editions of the famous Mystery Magazine whiich set the standard for the modern crime and mystery short story. Cover illustration by famous George Salter who revolutionized cover design for books.


Philip MacDonald - 'The Wood-for-the Trees'

Michael Venning - 'How Now Ophelia'

Agatha Christie - 'The Red Signal' (First US publication)

Ernest Hemingway - 'The Killers'

W. R. Burnett - 'Dressing Up'

Roy Vickers - 'The Case of the Social Climber'

Howard Haycraft - 'Speaking of Crime'

Lester Dent - 'Tropical Disturbance'

R. E. Kendall - 'Listen, Listen!'